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Brompton transformation into eBrompton (DIY)

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It took a long time for searching way of  transformation Brompton into eBrompton. Starting from the price of electric kit that is compatible with the Brompton are average above of US$800, looking for china products that has more competitive price in alibaba, until searching on  the forum to find ways to modified products that are not compatible with the Brompton. 



Finally the choice fell on the product of  CleanRepublic , although these products are not fully compatible with the Brompton but I found it on youtube anyone can modified it  for  Brompton, but in  the official forum of  CleanRepublic  someone finally gave up because of problems in the front fork that it should require little modification. I remain optimistic .. because in Indonesia, everything can be modified ;-).

image source :  CleanRepublic 

 After waiting more than 3 weeks, finally  I received the eBike kit, and would have to pay an  fee for customs.

But there is little problem on the package I received, switch batrey damaged / broken, this might be due to the lack of good handling. But even so, the damaged parts replaced immediately after I sent an email to the complain to   CleanRepublic  . While awaiting the arrival of the replacement part,  I  glue the broken part with the sumer glue called   "G", thank goodness all the way to normal.

The next process begins. Since I could not install the spokes by myself, my front wheel had to be brought to the bicycle repair shop  to replace the hub with the ebike  motor/dynamo. it took a day and an additional cost US@2.5  to replace / install spokes.

Another issue was the width of standard Brompton fork is just 7 cm, while the standard bicycle fork is 10cm.  I finally made the long bolts and 4 nuts  for bending the  fork little by little. do not try too hard to bend it into 10cm because it could  break the fork. the Fork in 10cm wide position with the bolt still attached, I  leave it overnight. The next morning when the bolt is removed, it turns back position again, and after a change in the measure only became to 8cm, was forced to re-process several times until a permanent width of 10cm.

The next step, installing the wheel, it did not fit to the fork due to the larger size of the dynamo bolts, so it should be widened slightly using a miser, as well as the locking ring and locking ring wheels to the body should participate in broadening the miser. 
Hmm fork is 10cm wide,  when the wheels attach to the fork, there was another problem, the hub dynamo to touch the fork because the fork shape still resembles the letter "V", finally brought to a fork in the welding shop to set up a fork and somewhat resembles the letter " U ", fortunately this process does not require heating, so as not to damage the paint. finally overcame all obstacles and dynamo hub is plugged in and ready to be ride..



Further testing: 
- the folding process ... there is no such change .. still smooth just like before modifiying.

- Add considerable weight of the bike, because there are additional dynamo hub and battery.

  • Motor weight: 6 lbs.
  • Battery: Standard SLA 24V 8Ah 10-mile battery pack is 11lbs, 20-mile Lithium 24V 8.5Ah battery pack is 6 lbs
  • Motor type: Compact powerful planetary 24V 250W brushless BLDC PWM
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours Standard, 6 hours Lithium
  • Kit cruising speed: 15mph

- B2W (bike to work)…. smooth road, climbs well, and the importance of distance to work 24km taste is reduced by half, sweat? very little, so no more shower at office. 
- B2H (Bike to Home) full pedaling ... full of sweat ..

The following minor changes to be done: 
1. Spokes should be replaced with a shorter, a few holes in the hub dynamo to be due to differences in the amount of unused (dynamo hub 32 holes, while the rim 24 holes

2. Fork width was changed from 7cm to 10cm

3. the shape of the fork should be more like the letter "U" of the letter "V", where the fork legs should be "somewhat" aligned. 
4. Fork base for hub, need to be broaden to make it fit with the ebike/dynamo.
5. Locking ring need to expand to make it fit with the ebike/dynamo.
6. Wheel locking ring need to expand to make it fit with the ebike/dynamo.

Or if you want the easy way .... Bring your bike to the bicycle repair shop ... btw sorry .. my english is very bad..

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